Born in Trinidad and raised for half of his childhood there. Later on in life he moved to the United States. Music was an excuse to express emotions that once were repressed. Through stressful, sleepless nights most songs were written. Nico, also known as Sinc (Sorry I'm Not Cool) the loser, has been giving us a glimpse into his own reality through these songs. He goes by the Alias "SomeLoser" when he produces and has produced all the songs 2013-2018. Open to collaboration but rather create characters that only exist in his head. He dances to his own music in his underwear or less.


Latest release is "Minding My Business", available in all digital stores and free to listen on spotify. He prefers that his fan-base listen to his music for free but accepts the donation of purchasing his albums. Openly does not care to much for the "craft" of music as a job title and simply uses it as a release; something to help him get away from the "insane" thoughts in his head and/or express those thoughts to his audience. This album is a good example of him speaking directly to the listener and trying to explain his thought process to them. Only contains one featured artist by the name of T-Shirt, which is the nickname given to one of his friends as she adds the necessary adlibs to the track. Released on his birthday as a gift to the fan-base that has continued to support him throughout the years.



the early beginnings of his youtube channel span from his social disorder that limited his interactions with individuals of the outside world. Attempting to speak to anyone or anything, he chose to do so to a camera. even though he deleted all the footage for a full year and some months he eventually uploaded one or two of his Sporadic rants that seemed to catch on. this lead to him being more outspoken both on camera and in general. His "comedy" spans from his natural awkwardness and quirky nature. He has been Posting new "content" on youtube consistently from 2015-Now. His videos are mainly comedic rants but also include his music videos. Most of the time the things thought as "Jokes" are just his general thoughts on matters that come off as "jokes". For lack of a better way to say it, he may come off as hard to take seriously and he himself does not see that as a problem. though he is still socially awkward and hiding in his room most of the time, he now shares his thoughts with you(His fanbase) and will continue to until he mentally cannot. 


All giveaways/contests/challenges would appear here, for the Convenience of both the host and the participants.